Meet Brittany

Recovery Addict | Fitness Coach | Life Coach

Have you ever felt the need to share your faults, shortcomings and life stories with others in order to become seen and heard? Of course not! Who wants to share the most embarrassing parts of themselves and feel better afterwards?  Actually, I do.  I want you to know and understand my journey.  I want you to know I am still loved even with an absolutely insane past full of dirty secrets. I find myself excited to share my story with you and help the next person reach their highest potential.

At the age of 23, I was headed down a rabbit hole of negativity and despair. I felt that my world was falling apart after a tumultuous relationship ended. Tears would not stop flowing as I ran to leave work each night. I crawled my way into my room hoping for the weekend, so that I could drink my problems away. Every weekend for 4 years, I masked my worries with a bottle of whiskey and beer.

My drinking habits lead me to lose my career at a top pharmaceutical company at the age of 25.  I did not want to admit I had a problem, and I continued drinking my failures away. I was losing faith; friends and my family questioned me about my decisions. I wanted nothing more than to stay away from each person who wanted to help me. Alcohol became my best friend for the next 2 years. Blackouts became a regular weekend chore, and I came close to losing the home I purchased when I turned 23; $30,000 wasted away on drugs and alcohol over a 2-year period.

I hit rock bottom one night after a birthday party. I woke up in a hallway, covered in vomit, with two men standing over top of me. Luckily, they were security guards who helped me find my way back to my friend’s apartment complex. When we arrived, we were greeted by EMT’s who told me I needed to go to hospital to have my stomach pumped. I remember the EMT saying I was drugged and needed to get the alcohol and Rufilin out of my system, but I was not in the position to answer her; my head was in the trashcan. I did not go to the hospital and instead went to bed still covered in my own vomit.  I woke up, arrived at my car, which had a $50 ticket on it, and went home. I slept for the next 2 days.

After that episode, I continued to drink for another 2 years. I just could not seem to understand how unmanageable my life was and how I was powerless over alcohol.

At 27, I finally came to the realization I had a serious problem with alcohol. I first dropped down onto my hands and knees one evening and decided to surrender to God. I also called my father and told him I was not going to drink and told him I made an appointment at a CrossFit gym that week. I asked him what the best way to stop drinking was, and he told me, “Brittany, I do not have the answers. You know what to do. Just stop.” and he hung up the phone.

Two days later, I walked into CrossFit King of Prussia in Pennsylvania.  Little did I know CrossFit KOP would become my life saver and my transition into sobriety.  I heard nothing but wonderful things about the sport, and I knew I needed to involve myself in some sort of competitive environment since my days of chugging beers with the boys were over.

Fitness was my new drug, and I needed to make it work. As I walked into the gym, a gentleman by the name of Tim sat behind the desk with a huge smile on his face. We made an instant connection.   Tim was in recovery from alcohol and drugs and had 5 years under his belt. I thought to myself, ‘Five years? Holy smokes! I am barely 24 hours. How will I ever make it longer than a few days or months without relapsing? I need this guy in my life!’ During the evaluation, Tim asked me to do basic and timed exercises. I remember telling him I was going to throw up mainly because I was experiencing the shakes and coming off a binge over the weekend. He completely understood my struggles. We ended our session with stretching and deep breathing. The following week I joined CrossFit King of Prussia, and I was a member for 2.5 years.


CrossFit KOP kick started my sobriety, and I can proudly say I stayed true to myself and remain sober with the grace of God; 5 years to be exact! Today I live a healthy and extremely happy lifestyle as a Hybrid Recovery Coach in Austin, Texas.  God has given me more than I could imagine. I am truly blessed, humbled and grateful to coach those in recovery. Fitness made a wonderful impact on my life, and I can honestly say I am living out my true passion! I will continue to coach those in recovery and help folks stay sober through the power of fitness and life coaching!


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